Kufri Pukhraj Potato

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Canopy Semi-compact
Stem Green with purple pigment highly scattered throughout
Leaflet Ovate-lanceolate
Flower White
Tuber Yellow, ovoid with shallow- medium eyes and yellow flesh
Sprout Purple

Agronomic features

Adaptability North Indian plains and plateau
Maturity Early to medium
Average yield potential 300-350 q/ha
Storability Medium
Reaction to diseases/pests Early blight – resistant
Late blight – moderately resistant
Charcoal rot – not tested
Wart – immune
Viruses – not tested
Cyst nematodes – not tested
Consumer and processing quality Easy to cook, texture waxy, flavour mild, free from after-cooking discoloration. Coloration on exposure to light
Special attributes Early bulker, suitable for low input eco-system

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